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In Balance Life

- For Your Soul, Mind, and Body - 

The In Balance Life vision is to travel the journey with you as you find the way of your path. An In Balance Life is an ideal, and we circle around this ideal as we find our truth and learn and grow spiritually. I will listen deeply and support you as you make choices, change, and grow toward your heartfelt and soulful way of being.



I’m excited you found In Balance Life!  I would be honored to join you on your journey as you integrate your mind, body, soul, and spirit to find the path of your dreams. My passion is guiding and supporting you as you walk the journey yet to be explored toward a transformational experience.  If you are distracted by stress, anxiety, depression, or the impacts from trauma or grief and loss, you might find a calming and centering experience in Meditation, Yoga, Sound Healing, Vedic Astrology, Reiki, or Life Coaching.  Regardless of your life path, calm and centered gives us clarity to discern and decide our best direction. There are many ways to begin your journey with In Balance Life.  You might be interested in classes and you may discover a class that fits your intentions. You might want to explore your Vedic Birthchart to learn more about your dharma and the influences that guide you from the planets. Or, if you connect with the idea of coaching, please schedule a complimentary meeting with me to explore options for manifesting your dreams. When you join the In Balance Life community, you will have access to classes and services that focus on you!

Traveling the Journey with You,
Trudy Shea, MSEd, ERYT-200, YACEP

Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healing and Meditation Teacher, Warriors at Ease Level 1, Somatic Approaches to Healing Trauma/JFK University, AA Vedic Astrology